Tuesday, May 3, 2016

March? April? Hello? Hellooooo? Hey, where did those 2 months go?

I am sorry to report my version of the 'Mountain Reduction Challenge' fizzled through March. Heck, April was no better. I will not make excuses, though; I simply put time into other priorities.

Still, this past weekend, a buddy came by and sat down to paint with me. We chatted and played a lot of music, snacked continuously, and generally painted for fun and practice. I finished one old Reaper ogre mini that has been hanging around my workbench since...well, since their Pro Paints line was reformulated. That's a long time, especially considering Reaper replaced the Pro line since then.

I also recently painted up Angelica, an Arcanist typically found in Collette's crew (Malifaux). Her base was done some time ago, as you can see in some earlier WIP photos.

My buddy also knocked out the original, metal version of Taelor, an Outcast faction powerhouse for Malifaux. He got a good start on a mini for Zombicide, too, although the name escapes me at the moment. Suzy? Cindy? I think it was Suzy. Either way, I hope the painting sessions energize him and bring him back to the painting table and having fun with it.

So, what's next on the painting table for this old, grey wolf? First, a pair of long overdue dollhouse minis for a friend. While painting those, I will start prepping 27 pieces for a commissioned project. Once the biggest group (most of a Blood Bowl team) is started, I will try to post some WIP photos, maybe run up a photo album for the project.

Beyond that, I still have my own Malifaux minis to paint, plus a small horde of zombies for Zombicide: Black Plague to contend with. IF they utlimately get painted. Maybe. Someday. :-)

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