Friday, October 10, 2014

6MMRPC - Rebuilding Momentum

As noted earlier this week, three Samaritans are mostly in the books.  A couple of touch-ups on bases and an errant brush stroke or two, maybe some Tamiya Clear Red, and they'll be done.  Sorry for the benchtop photos; can't see the slight glow effect in the guns, lost contrast, etc.  I'll take some better group shots when they are all complete.

While the airbrush work moved a lot of minis forward at a rapid pace, progress slowed recently while I took care of some things at home and work.  Now I am away with family for a few days of R&R, but brought along a few paints and minis to fiddle with if the mood should strike.  Either way, the pace should pick up soon and make October a good month.

Update, Sunday, October 12: 6 Samaritans about half done, 3 Revenants started with various washes and basing.  Hoping to have these all done in a couple of days so they will count for both 6MMRPC and Zombtober.

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