Sunday, October 5, 2014

All Those Who Wander Are Not Lost

I wrote early on in this blog that it will often include 'random thoughts', so here are a few big ramblers for today, as I wander around the studio...

6MMRPC - the Mountain grew by 3 minis in September, but they were a gift from an anonymous source and do not count against me or require a joker.

CoolMiniOrNot's Kickstarter for Micro Art Studio bases - they look great and I couldn't resist going in for the Trash pack.  Funding happens in a few hours, and once the pledge manager opens, I may go in for more.  Graveyard, Pipeworks and Old Factory look great for Malifaux.  Thankfully, bases do not count as minis in the 6MMRPC.

I came across photos still on my regular camera from Gen Con. Those may be sorted and uploaded to an album of sorts later this week.

Bloodthorn and WAMP pointed out a base texture stamp system that looks amazing.  Basius2, also in a Kickstarter campaign, has several designs that I'd love to get my hands on.  With 21 days to go, I will look at selling some more old minis and RPG stuff on eBay to fund such a venture.  Again, bases or, in this case, texture stamps, would not count against 6MMRPC.

Reaper has slated for October release a group of 'wild west' Wizard of Oz minis.  They look great for Savage Worlds: Deadlands, having a steampunk/western build.  They also have a Halloween Tree, and some Nativity minis I need for the set I've been collecting for a while.  With $40 minimum purchase, Reaper will include a Ghoulie Bag of 4 paints, candy and a semi-random mini.  I have a $50 gift cert for Reaper, so if I can land between $40 and $50, I will get a few new items and technically still not play a 6MMRPC joker.  Yes, technical details count.  After all, isn't that what this hobby is all about, the technical details?  ;-)

I like the Chibi-style Bonesylvanians from Reaper, too.  Not enough to buy them, I suppose, but they look kind of fun.  The studio paintjobs done by Rhonda Bender look awesome, I think.  I'll have to pester her a bit to find out why I didn't get a sneak peak at these a couple of weeks ago!

This morning I made space on the computer desk extension for a small photography area.  I plunked down a small light tent and two lights, a black cloth background, an Ott-light to hold manually over the top, and a tripod.  I can also move the tent aside and use printed photo backgrounds.  Those won't fit in the small tent, and the big tent will not fit on the desk.  This setup will speed the process of photos dramatically, rather than dragging everything out of bags & boxes to the dining room table whenever I need something better than a camera-phone snapshot.

Last night - I made some progress on three (3) Sedition Wars Vanguard troopers.  Noir Black served to paint flexible joints & laser carbines.  After a bit of lining and black wash, very controlled, some Misty Grey / Pure White went on to repair smudges and then Pure White to edge & highlight, plus dry-brush the carbines.  All that's left for these models is to put some color on the shoulders and visors, maybe a little on the laser carbines and touch up the highlights, then mount on bases.  Bases will get a little black wash, some rust/grime on raised metal areas, and maybe a few spatters of Tamiya Clear Red on the base & lower legs of the troopers to tie them into the horror aspect of Alabaster Station.  A couple of coats of spray varnish will go on last, since they will see tabletop play, eventually.  These first three are in the photo above and below:



  1. I was looking at base stampers myself. A bunch of my minis are 15's with large integral bases. I'm not really sure I could be bothered to saw them off just to worry about affixing them to a new base (small surface to glue). I wonder a bit if there would be similar problems at larger scale. The bases look great though.

    It's cool so see other light box set ups. Yours looks way slicker than my adhoc one.

    Is there anyway you can change what colour the looked at hyperlinks go in your blog? They appear to go to the same shade of black that is the background, so they are invisible if I've clicked on them before....

    1. I haven't worked in 15mm and could only guess. With larger minis, the 28-32mm range, I seldom bother cutting off the integral bases. Generally, I bury them in putty and other bits, occasionally stamping with cork, wood, bark, stone, aluminum foil, whatever I have on hand. With that method, I would only be able to use a few corners of the stamps. I may not be able to justify the cost of the stamps vs. functionality for most of my collection.

      re: light tent, thank you. It was one of those Amazon combo specials and it needs some work, but it's getting there.

      I changed the blog's template and tweaked the links. Better?

  2. The Steampunk WoO stuff from Reaper look really cool :) I love the Chronoscope range! The camera tent setup looks really cool - I just got one a while back :)