Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Resolution: Paint and Post More


Welcome to 2015!

The Holiday season and my day job required focus and energy for the last couple of months, but I resolve to paint and post more in 2015.  I also plan to expand my horizons in board & card games, RPGs, writing and photography.  Building an airbrush spray booth or two and some new paint bottle storage shelves are in the works.  Physical fitness - weight loss and outdoor activities - round out my 2015 plans.

A glance back at 2014 miniatures: by the numbers, it was a productive year with 53 projects completed, 43 of which were completed Q4 in the 6MMRPC.  16 were possibly more 'craft' than miniature, but I still count them in the total because the tools, materials, paints, brushes and time spent were in common with 'normal' miniatures.  Besides, they were on my workbench and now they are not, so that's progress in the subjective sense, if not the technical details.  My best previous annual total was 40 in 2010, so I'll take 2014 as an improvement.

Looking ahead, I will set more realistic goals for painting, make a focused effort to go to Reaper Con and explore new gaming avenues at Gen Con.

That's all for now because it's time to get ready for a matinee showing of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and cleaning the house so neighbors can invade be comfortable for tonight's playoff game of Ohio State vs. Alabama tonight.  Go Buckeyes!!!


  1. Good goals for 2015 and congratulations on an improved performance from before! I will admit that tonight will probably be the one and only time I root for Ohio State, as I HATE Alabama hahaa, so go Buckeyes.

    1. Thanks! Our neighbors are 'Bama fans, so there was some good-natured trash-talk going on, but it was all in good fun. Great game, too, and Ohio State thoroughly blew my mind at how well they played. I am very happy about the team, the coach, everything...and proud to be part of Buckeye Nation.