Sunday, November 16, 2014

Of Mice and Men

Two weeks have gone by since my last post.  During that time, there was another day of travel for marching band, garbage at the Day Job, family illness...LIFE circumstances, either positive or negative, that mostly kept me away from the workbench and keyboard.

However, I will not subject you to a litany of excuses for not painting or blogging.  I mention these challenges only to explain my absence, and note that my schedule will become even more erratic through the upcoming Holiday season.

In my last post, I mentioned the beginnings of a new "Paint Club".  That was delayed until this coming Tuesday, but it opened the opportunity to make further contact with the host FLGS and frame a Facebook page for the group.  It's not ready for public launch, yet, but maybe I can get it pulled together in the next week or so.  The group will be known as Louisville Area Miniature Painters, or LAMP.  If you are in the neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky, watch this space for further details.

Now, that's not to say I have made zero progress in the last couple of weeks.  On the contrary, a small set of Reaper's Mouslings, the Thanksgiving trio, nears completion.  The Pilgrims are done except for basing, while the Native American needs a little more paint and basing.  Here's a benchtop snapshot:

I think the Pilgrims will go together on one base, and the other solo.  That way, they can be set on a shelf to interact as a vignette, but not become a full diorama.

Oh, and here are the decorations painted for Halloween.  Inspired by the one in the center (which I did not paint), before:

...and after...


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