Tuesday, June 16, 2015

6MMRPC Week 2 in review

A review of week 2 will make for a very short post...


...wind in the trees...

...a lone wolf, howling in the distance...

...you called?

Actually, if I were to post only about forward progress in the hobby, this really would be an empty post.  Instead, let's just say week 2 was full of travel, music (Rush - the 40th Anniversary Tour in Columbus, Ohio was an amazing show!), work, a graduation party, birthdays and general mayhem.

There was hobby activity, though it would be considered going the wrong direction for the purposes of the Challenge.  I ordered Malifaux character stat cards and pre-ordered the Troubleshooters boxed set.  Yes, that's six models to fill out my Arcanists crew with a melee beatstick and support.  I'd say that burned one (1) challenge Joker.

Malifaux: Arcanists - Troubleshooters (6) (Preorder)

I also pledged for the Kickstarter campaign of Zombicide: Black Plague from CoolMiniOrNot and Guillotine Games, but that will not ship before December and should not count as a Joker.  Besides, Z:BP is mainly a board game and I have no plans to paint those minis or count them in my personal Mountain.

While in Ohio, I was commissioned to paint three dollhouse minis.  The first is due in July, the others deferred to Autumn.  I know, don't remind me...I just wrote in Week 1 that I planned to minimize distractions from tabletop painting, and here I go taking single commissions.  Still, this is for friends and paying customers, so I can't really turn it down.

I also have a trade/swap/sell in the works, and possibly a return to eBay that should all work out to a zero net or slight reduction in total mini count.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking...geez, defensively rationalize much?  :-)

In closing, Week 2 was a rocky/good time; I had time away with family, saw my favorite band, used a Joker and did not put paint on a mini.  Hopefully, some actual painting will occur before the end of Week 3.  That includes Father's Day, so there's still a chance, right?  :-)


  1. These weeks happen, it's good that it was fun life stuff that was distracting!
    Reduction of the mountain by painting or otherwise is progress. Good luck!

  2. Keep in mind, the rules are not firmly set in stone. Make the challenge work for your situation.

    In the end, when the 6 months are up, if you have less than what you started out at, that's still progress.

  3. Echo Echo Echo ------- What Dai said. FYI, I also pledged for ZBA...But I Do plan on painting all the minis haha!

  4. Thanks, guys. I tend to use the rules and posting here to keep myself honest, and it helps being accountable to the group. Otherwise, I could start rationalizing and justifying, ultimately end up with yet more unpainted minis than before the challenge. I have a classic case of Figmentia, you know. Spider...good luck! If the minis turn out as nicely as the greens, I may have to paint some of the characters, and maybe some of the guest artist box sets when they are in general release. Maybe. :-)