Sunday, July 12, 2015

1000 Page Views and 6MMRPC Week 6 in Review

I am surprised and grateful to have reached 1000 page views, so thanks for stopping by!

Week 6 finds me again playing and buying bits & tools more than painting.  I found this acrylic tube/rope sculpting jig on Patrick Keith's Bombshell Miniatures website and snagged it from the July 4th weekend sale.  I also picked up a sculpting tool and got a couple of sidekick/familiar minis for existing projects, nothing worth calling a joker.

In addition to blistering both feet by walking over 3 miles and later mowing the lawn, I played Malifaux yesterday with a buddy.  We had a good time learning the 2nd edition rules and trying my new Arcanists crew led by Toni Ironsides.  She really does seem to be a serious beatstick, with The Captain holding her own against Lady Justice and Francisco Ortega for two full turns.  Unfortunately, I otherwise failed to manage resources and achieve meaningful objectives, as usual.  Somehow, I keep forgetting or misusing upgrades, buffs and abilities.  Still, it was first time out and I still enjoyed the game.

We also traded some minis & cards, bases, objective markers and the like.  Again, nothing that qualifies as using a Joker, but we made some improvements to our games and that's progress in my book.  Plus, with the yard work and some other chores out of the way for today, maybe some actual painting will happen this evening...?


    But seriously, it'd be cool to see some pics of the games you play, as well as any painting achieved.

  2. I want to see this "rope jig thingy"!!!

  3. Yep, I really should post some battle reports and game pics, but I am still new at many of these games and spend most of the time figuring out how to play, forgetting all about jotting down notes or snapping pics.

    There is a link in the main post, showing the transparent 'Tube Tool' for in a YouTube video. It is made by Bees Putty and can be found over here:

    The same video and two other variant tools are on that page, as well. Bees Putty also makes a Chain Tool and a Fur Mold that catch my eye, may have to pick them up sometime soon. First, though, I will try out the Tube Tool, post a review and some pics.

    And thanks for your cheer and support!