Thursday, August 6, 2015

6MMRPC Week 10 in Review

Proof of life!  A weekend of perfect temps and very low humidity, a rare combination at this time of year in in the Ohio River Valley, allowed the Vanguard and a few Strain to receive final topcoats.  A layer of spray-on gloss went on Saturday, then two layers of matte on Sunday.  All were completed through and after the original 6MMRPC, so they are not counted in this one.  Still, it needed to be done and I finally felt like some sort of forward progress had been made.

Thursday night, paint got slapped on a Displacer Beast from Ral Partha.  Why?  TBH, it is not needed for a game or anything.  It has just been sitting on a back corner of my workbench for ages, plus after, what? three months without painting?  I needed a simple thing, no complex color schemes or difficult techniques, to remind me which end of the brush to paint with.

I put in about 30 minutes on basecoat and rough shading on body.  Cheers!

WIP..., what a terrible pic that turned out to be!  Take my word for it, it's finished and looks a little better IRL. At least it's done and puts one toward the painted total.


  1. Sweet old mini. It should be pretty quick to finish that fella off too!

  2. Yep that's the idea. After any substantial break from painting, I do better coming back to the easy stuff and building momentum a little at a time.

  3. I do not know why, but I LOVE THIS FIGURE!

    1. Thanks, I like it, too. Seemed to call out for paint, even out of order/off plan. Oh, and I just realized why the finished pic is bad; hellllooo, displacer beast! Blurred image, offset from where the real target is...heck, he probably wasn't REALLY in front of the camera at all, may have been 6" away and out of frame. :-)