Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year, New Commitments

Before looking ahead at 2016, I glanced back at 2015 and found the latter stages pretty messy. As previously noted, "The Job" went sideways for several months, plus I devoted a fair bit of time to being a "Band Dad" for my teen's high school marching band. I also replaced a car, celebrated 25 years married to the love of my life, and dove deeper into a new hobby - learning to play guitar.

Then, between my birthday and Christmas, "The Job" went away. Hobby time and expenses became even more problematic. For the past month, I have been seeking new opportunities and trying to relax, enjoy the Holidays and not worry too much. Zombicide: Black Plague (core game) arrived just in time for Christmas, so that was a pleasant surprise and a welcome diversion. Finding my mini paintbrushes took longer, right up to this past weekend.

A buddy of mine (Bloodthorn Studios) provided the helpful nudge or swift kick required to get me moving. We spent Saturday painting and hanging out, played an intro Quest in Z:BP, etc. We had a blast, and it was the first I've painted since mid-August, almost exactly five months ago. This painting session, I was very slow, easily distracted and a bit rusty, but still a little better than expected after a long break.

As you can see by the workbench snapshot, I did not get a huge amount done. I put down first colors or 'base coats' on the bases, worked on one Coryphee's dress (Burgundy Wine & pink), and parts of two Mechanical Doves. Still, a couple more sessions like that, a few shortcuts (maybe some metallic paint on the Doves?), and I will suddenly have 9 new models ready to play in my Colette / Arcanists crew.

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