Sunday, September 6, 2015

6MMRPC - the 50 Yard Line

The day job tripped me this week and I have fallen flat on the 50 yard-line, just half way through the 6MMRPC challenge.  Most of the assets of the company I work for are being sold. Management will change and some other properties will be sold elsewhere, transferred or outright closed. As a member of 'middle management', this means for me even more work and uncertainty for several months ahead. I have a good team around me, and this could mean great opportunity for all of us, but it will definitely be a challenge.

In other words, if you thought my posting and progress was slow before...well, I will continue with existing commitments and commission work, but that may be the extent of my hobby painting and related posting for a while.  If things change and I can jump back in here, great, but if not I may blog a bit in some other areas while working through the job challenges.

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