Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bloodbowl Commission WIP

Progress! No pics to speak of, yet, but I have started several of the projects previously noted. The dollhouse minis have proven to have an impenetrable, diamond/teflon coating. Three of the most powerful paint removers at my disposal all failed to remove the varnish/gunk on these stubborn Victorian ladies. Two different primers, one spray and the other a brush-on, failed to stick. I now have pinned my last hope on Testors Model Master spray primer (white), hoping it has the opacity and sticking power to hold onto the weird varnish and let me get some paint on them.

I also prepped and primed 19 bases (20 minis) of the 27 due for the Bloodbowl commission. The bases proved to be more time-consuming than I originally thought, requiring mods so the minis can stand securely enough for game play. Then there was a lot of drilling, pinning, gluing and putty work. Still, they are now assembled and primed, looking good and ready for some paint this weekend.  With luck and if I remember, there should be some WIP pics on the Blood Bowl minis coming soon, so watch this space.
Finally, I have paused work on (again, on my poor, long-neglected) Malifaux models and will not jump into Zombicide: Black Plague just yet. That's because Z:BP wave 2 just landed. Now I have an even larger zombie horde to contend with. Instead, there is an unrelated solo mini assembled and primed, ready for those times when I'd like to paint something slightly different, just for the fun of it and maybe to sell later.
Until next time...PAINT!!!

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