Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

Although I did not get as much painting time as previously planned for Friday night or Saturday, I took advantage of rained out Sunday and Monday events (and yard work!).  The Bloodbowl minis are Valkyries from Sukubus Studio, Spain.  They all got a base coat of flesh tones, some experimentation with sheer/translucent cloth, and all the eyes are done.  Yes, there's a lot of skin and...uh...curves...going on with these minis.

The Malifaux minis are Sue (the Man in Black, for Arcanists) and a pair of Beckoners (Neverborn).  The Beckoners got more 'normal' skin and eyes, rather than the undead look, for use as proxies for Performers (Arcanists).

In stark contrast are the dollhouse minis, demur Victorian ladies that are probably screaming silently about being in such close proximity to women with no morals whatsoever.  :-)  They were also painted for skin and eyes, such as they are.  Those minis are rough casts, to put it mildly.

I also got the eyes done on the secret project, taking the total up to 26 that got past the primer stage this weekend.  Here are the main 25:

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