Sunday, September 25, 2016


A new challenge is up, this time a Three Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge, or 3MMRPC.  If you are familiar with this format, you know it's a Facebook group of mini painters who commit to reducing their personal mountain of unpainted miniatures. 
The goal is to paint minis on hand and abstain from buying anything new.  Exceptions are limited and called Jokers.  Gifts, contest wins, fulfillment of previous crowd-funded projects, and paint or supplies do not count.  For full details, please see:
Posting weekly updates to blog or Facebook is also part of the challenge.  So, here I am, just about 2 weeks into the challenge and I am already a week behind.  :-)
I have not been idle, however.  Last weekend I finished up the Valkyries players.  The Nurse, Cheerbeer Girls and markers are still in progress.  Unfortunately, my home PC died and my regular camera is on the fritz.  Dealing with those, several family medical issues, and my own battle with pinkeye, have made painting and posting difficult.  So, this is all I have for now:


  1. Oh, and get to feeling better! Pink eye is no fun.

    1. Thanks! Doctors said it wasn't technically pinkeye. Allergies, maybe. Better now, will be painting again, soon.