Thursday, October 6, 2016

Week 3 - 3MMRPC 2016

No painting.  No camera.  No pics. :-)  You should be used to reading such a string of "no" from me by now, right?  ;-)

Hobby progress this past week was limited to clearing the workbench, cleaning up the studio and reorganizing shelves of basing supplies.  Life's expenses keep piling up, so over the next few months I will sell more unpainted minis and even a few previously painted ones.  I will also paint minis and sell them, too.  Here are my October goals in priority order:

  • Finish painting 5 pieces (2 markers, 3 minis) for Blood Bowl commission
  • Build out and paint the 8 remaining models for Blood Bowl commission
  • Set up online store and policies
  • Replace camera, shoot pics and list unpainted minis & RPG materials
  • Shoot pics and list 10 previously painted minis
  • Prep and prime 20 minis to paint and sell in November
  • Finish painting 2 personal models - Malifaux (Bench Queens!  They've lingered for 2 years!!!)
  • Base and prime 6 personal minis - Malifaux, Ironsides crew box
Those are some ambitious goals, considering how slowly I prep and paint.  So far this year, I have painted 34 minis, which is a fair total for me.  If I can knock out 15 more in October - 7 WIPs and 8 new ones - I will be close to a personal best total for a calendar year, still with hope for more in November and December.

That's all I have for now, so until next time, keep painting!

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