Sunday, October 9, 2016

Productive Weekend!

Friday night was spent with my daughter, making a new memory; took her to her first live hockey game!  It was a blast, definitely something we will do again.

Saturday, my buddy from Bloodthorn Studios spent the day at my place, painting and playing DJ.  We verbally covered a lot of subjects, and he covered 3 minis in paint.  :-)  I prepped surfaces and assembled 7 minis for the Blood Bowl commission.

Today, I tweaked a few bases for the Seven and set them aside for putty to cure. Next, I binged on prep & basing for the November paint & sell plan:

  • 5 prepped, assembled and based, ready for wash & prime - 2 Reaper, 1 Bombshell, 1 Darksword, 1 Kingdom Death.
  • 4 prepped and mostly based, just need some gap filling and fixing (mis-cast hand on one, a bad mold mark on another) - 2 Darksword, 1 Bombshell, 1 Reaper
So, in 2 days 16 models went from new to ready for primer & paint, or very close to it.  Maybe an hour of putty work remains on the 4, so I should wrap those up tomorrow night.  In in any case, I call this a productive  weekend, even though I didn't technically pick up a paintbrush.

If it feels like progress, it probably is!

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