Sunday, July 16, 2017

6MMRPC - Week 2

Beginning in late in 2016 and finishing in early January of this year, I tried a tweaked version of Sorastro's painting on some Reaper skeletons.  White spray primer was covered with a basecoat of brush-on Army Painter Skeleton Bone and other colors, then inked, highlighted and eventually varnished.  I liked how it all went, the improved speed, ease, and overall results.

Still, I wanted to try the full technique, starting from priming with Army Painter spray paint & primer all-in-one.  With Zombicide: Black Plague getting played quite a bit at the time, I didn't want to pull out many zombies for painting until I had the technique down pat and could turn them around in fast batches.  Instead, I opted to bring out some zombies that could be painted up and inserted into the game as proxies for anything sitting on the workbench.

A long time ago, some of these Ral Partha and Grenadier zombies were primed white or black for different projects, but none were ever finished.  Others were bare metal, just sitting around in the Someday Bins.  All went through a quick cleaning for mold lines and flash, then stripping in Simple Green or Purple Power.  After scrubbing, rinsing and drying, they were glued to Reaper plastic 1" bases.  Next came basing with Alene's Tacky Glue and a mix of sand & model railroad ballast, then primed with Army Painter spray primer/paint, Necrotic Flesh.

I am impressed with Army Painter paint/primer.  Fast, solid, one-coat coverage without sacrificing detail.  As far as I can tell without digging in and really painting minis, I'd say this stuff is a winner.  Alene's Tacky Glue...not so much.  Even when piled on and rounded up above the integrated base, once dried the integrated bases on the minis were plainly visible.  I primed anyway, thinking to ignore the edges and move on, but I guess I'm just too picky.  I later went back in with white pumice paste to hide the edges.

That's why these look the way they do, with a greenish primer coat on the minis and gaming base, and a band of white material between.  That's the pumice paste.  It's for fine art/painting and doesn't need primer, so it will just get painted and washed later, anyway.  The z's crawling from their graves received putty around their bases with a few sculpted rocks and dirt around the headstones.  Here they are, waiting for paint that may next week or next weekend:

As for other progress in Week 2, I listed some unpainted minis on eBay.  I also prepped a couple of RP skeleton archers, planning ahead for a last 'stretch goal' of painting at the end of the month.  But, that's detail for another day...

...until then...


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