Sunday, July 23, 2017

6MMRPC - Week 3

Not much progress for this week, thanks to helping get our daughter through a week of band camp during a dangerous heat wave.  Work, the band family picnic, and a day out for board games rounded out the week before spending most of today creating eBay listings.

The only noticeable progress on actual minis this week was to add two Ral Partha skeleton archers to the 'soon' queue.  They got greenstuff on the base, then glue & sand/ballast mix, bringing them up to the same prep level as the others prepped some months ago.  All these skeletons are waiting for a cooler, less humid afternoon so I can spray prime them with paint/primer, this time with Army Painter Skeleton Bone.  Here they are as of today, newest ones in the bottom right:

One other item of note: here in Week 3, I took on a new commission project.  16+ minis will be from Raging Heroes: The Toughest Girls in the Galaxy, plus a large kitbash of a GW Eldar Wraith Knight and an anime garage kit.  That's going to take some time, especially to get back into airbrushing.  While this means my personal Mountain will be somewhat on the back burner, again, it also means I get to blog about painting some really cool new models and adding to my skill set.  So, watch this space!

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