Sunday, August 6, 2017

6MMRPC - Week 4

I posted this only on Facebook last week, around July 30 or 31...

6MMRPC - Week 4 - Well, I took advantage of warm temps and low humidity to spray prime some Ral Partha skeletons; 12 infantry and 7 archers. Used Army Painter spray primer + paint, Skeleton Bone, so painting armor with metallics and picking out cloth, leather and wood areas should be quick. Spent the rest of the weekend pulling inventory for eBay and various Facebook Marketplaces. Most if not all of Week 5 will go into sorting singles & lots, taking photos, and listing. If my count is accurate, if one adds sold items (in 2017), current listings, and those soon to be listed, we break 730 unpainted minis. If it all sells, a large part of the Mountain will be gone. Hurray for progress, right?
Another 96 painted minis will also be listed, mostly Reaper skeletons and dwarves. While those will not affect my Challenge numbers, they will reduce inventory, make space for other things, and add to the bottom line. Well, that's the plan, anyway. Time will tell.
Over the coming months (or years, depending on other work load), there are 86 more to paint for sale or commissioned work.
This has been your morning report of Week 4, 6MMRPC. 

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