Sunday, August 6, 2017

6MMRPC - Week 5

This week, progress has been made in terms of sales and staging for photos & listing.  Commissioned models arrived mid-week, including one big kitbashed combo of Anime garage kit & WH40K.

As noted mid-week, I failed my Willpower roll and ordered one mini.  Since then, Reaper's Bones IV Kickstarter has pulled me in for six wraiths.  So, now I'm down two Jokers for the Challenge, and we're only five weeks in.  Gotta reign in my impulse buying.

For the big kit and future projects, airbrush work will be required.  Surface primer, basecoats, large projects like scale models of cars and aircraft, for example, all can benefit in speed and smoothness by airbrush.  Rattle can primer is fine for most minis, but without a serious spray booth, only outside in the right (read: somewhat rare) weather conditions and daylight.  So, it looks like a good spray booth is the next big upgrade for Grey Wolf Studio.

I have considered a DIY booth project, but over the past 8 years or so, ever since first being introduced to airbrushing, I've built and scrapped several cardboard paint booths.  There were two sessions on the patio to keep fumes and particulates outside, but again, see also: Kentuckiana weather.  I've tried a box fan, air filter, cardboard, and light plywood in several configurations, but nothing worked well enough to use metallic paint through an airbrush, much less an aerosol.  I've discussed better DIY versions with my buddy, Brandon, and researched quite a bit online, but still can't come up with a design that fits all the criteria without a large investment of time, money and hassle.

So, over the last few evenings, I've been researching pre-built, commercially available hobby spray booths.  Size, style, capacity, cost, filters, venting, lighting...all the criteria.  I've considered purposes, justified the cost, and sketched a new layout for the studio.  A professionally built, 24" wide, lighted unit from Pace Paint Booths, Perrysburg, Ohio, seems to be the best choice for now and in the long run.  I should be ordering in a couple of days.  When it arrives and gets set up, there may be an unboxing/review for this page, maybe a (gasp!) video.  Don't hold me to that, though, I am much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, especially with video.

The new layout should also make room for a photo station as well as improve storage and efficiency overall.  Reducing clutter and organizing helps my creativity, allows me to sit down and work at a 'station' with less prep & cleanup time.  And a good spray booth will allow me to paint, base, spray, glue and varnish year round.

Until next week, ciao!

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