Monday, September 18, 2017

6MMRPC - Weeks 7 thru 11

Time flies, and catching it can be problematic...

6MMRPC Week 7: by way of quick update, hobby progress this week has been all about the work room. Rolling storage towers have arrived, need to be installed. Shelves and table cleared, rearranged, buried again. Spray booth ordered, should arrive in a couple of weeks.

6MMRPC Week 8: there's not much to tell, hobby-wise. ... kept an eye on the Reaper Bones IV Kickstarter, and worked on a possible run to Reaper Con 2017....chased deals on some used laboratory equipment (a vortex mixer), and set up the new rolling drawer storage. ... More on studio FB page. Blog is now 2 weeks behind, and don't know when I'll get to it.

6MMRPC Week 9: proved how weak I am...Bones IV.  I didn't pledge for a large number of models, but instead for a number of large models.
I took time out for a Labor Day weekend trip to NC for a family reunion, then did some shopping for stuff for the studio. HUGE thanks to BloodThorn Studios for helping to spend my money - I say, that's a joke, son! - and most seriously for the loan of airbrushes and compressor!  Soon we will have an amazing Paint Day and put noticeable dents in our Mountains.
Also last week and while traveling, I firmed up plans to go to Reaper Con in the back half of October. Who else do I know that is planning to go?  Comment below!

6MMRPC Week 10:
Looking ahead...nah, who am I kidding?  I'm going to bed.  Good night!

 The studio has come together fairly well, so this should be the last week of excuses.  Spray booth installed early in the week, and picked up venting parts just last night. 'Final' tools were also ordered. Still shopping for the airbrush paint combos needed for a larger commissioned model.
Today I've spent mostly looking ahead, planning for Reaper Con; commissions I hope to finish and deliver, a contest entry or two, and a couple of projects to work on in classes. That's a lot of prep, and not a lot of painting for the next week or two. Between prep sessions, while glue dries and putty cures, I may splash some paint on a quick item or two from my personal Mountain. Just for practice, try to get back in a painting groove, so to speak.
Musing, 'writing aloud' here. Will know more once contest & class items are picked out.

6MMRPC Week 11 (thru September 17): Real Life pulled me away, again.  It was a wild, weird, tiring, and mostly awful week.  There was a death in my family, travel, work, a Paint Day, yard work, Sunday night at the office...blech.  I'm whupped.  Still, I got a little more setup done in the studio and shopping for tools and paints.  Paint Day was great, giving me time to hang out with friends, start prep & assembly on a large kit, and slap a little paint on a couple of practice minis.

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