Sunday, October 8, 2017

6MMRPC Weeks 12 - 14

In terms of reducing my personal Mountain, I have accomplished almost nothing over the past three weeks.  There may have been a single or two sold on eBay, but that's about all.  On the plus side, I have been too busy to buy anything new.  Having passed the halfway point of the Challenge at week 13, a quick count shows a net reduction of 220 since 7/1/2017.  That's 229 sold, trashed, given away and 9 added, which was 5 Kingdom Death for sale/paint & sell, 3 others for sale/paint & sell, and 1 impulse buy.

The count also does not include Reaper's Bones IV Kickstarter.  I have yet to lock in my reward selections, which may not happen until next year, after the current 6MMRPC.  Also, the KS fulfillment should occur in 2019, so I can't really add 2-year projected inventory to my current count.

In general hobby terms, I have accomplished a little more.  Mounting a Dremel drill press on a portable platform marked the last of the major studio upgrades.  Calling it 'finished' would be too strong, since any art space is no more finished than the art it contains.  It will never be permanent, always a WIP needing minor tweaks and changes.

With just 10 days to go before Reaper Con 2017, I'm finalizing travel plans and checklists.  Traveling in a small car with local friends will be a bit of a challenge, but I think we'll get it worked out.  That's mainly on me, packing lighter than my normal just-in-case/kitchen sink method.  I do need to leave room for a couple of pounds of minis headed for Metal Trade, though.  If I cash out most of it and don't bring back much, I will not negatively impact the 6MMRPC.  Technically, that will be a trade resulting in a net reduction of another hundred or so minis.  Also, RC swag bag doesn't really count because that's a perk for attending the convention, not an outright purchase.  I just have to be careful of impulse buying from Reaper, Darksword, Bombshell and other vendors at the Con.

That's the plan anyway.  We all know about battle plans, though, right?  No plan of battle ever survives first contact with the enemy.  So, the best I can hope for is to trade away more than I bring home.

Speaking of RC2017, my gracious, patient client will sadly not be able to attend this year.  Until recently, I was pushing myself to complete the large, somewhat delicate kit, planning for hand-off at RC rather than shipping.  Instead, I will now try to finish a couple of contest entries for the Master Series Open: Painters category.

Unfortunately, at least three years have passed since my last contest entry, last years's hurried online round notwithstanding.  It may have been a year or two beyond that since I was really pushing it heavily.  Attempting to recall/regain/relearn painting at a competitive level after such a prolonged absence, and in a compressed time frame, may not be possible, or at least not terribly realistic.  We'll see.

Looking ahead, my post-Reaper Con focus will be commission painting and eBay.  The eBay stuff will be mostly unpainted, NIB models, a smattering of painted items, and a few unpainted Ral Partha & Grenadier.  It looks like 2018 will begin before I reduce my personal Mountain by actually painting anything from it, probably Zombicide: Black Plague.

Well, that's it for today.  It's time for me to get back to the workbench!

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