Thursday, November 16, 2017

Weeks 15 thru 19 - 6MMRPC

Blurred.  Not just my photos, lately, but my memory.  Another whirlwind of marching band season has come and gone, plus a trip to Reaper Con, and many other changes...

Weeks 15 thru 17 - is that right? Geez, time flies! While Reaper Con and RL kept me away from painting as a method of Mountain reduction, I did manage to complete a 'project'. At Reaper Con Metal Trade, I exchanged 160 older minis for 52 newer ones and some bits, so there's a net change of -108. Take out one more for updating/finishing a contest entry to get to -109. Add back some from swag bags, classes, the auction, and a few vendor purchases for an overall net change of -82. Seems liked pretty good progress for a 4-day event, no?

Week 18 - family medical issues, both major and minor, kept me occupied and too stressed to paint. Bought a board game, expansion, paints and a couple of minis at the FLGS owner's retirement party. Yes, I screwed up my Challenge numbers. "But it was for a good cause!" And retail therapy. :-)
Week 19 - Today, I cleared out most of a mountain of boxes and shipping materials, making room to sort & photograph minis for further sales. Between last night and tonight, I found my workbench and cleaned mold lines, prepped and assembled 8 minis. Only 3 of those are mine, though, the rest I'm...uh...holding for a friend. Yeah, that's it. Holding them for a friend. ;-) Actually, I'm painting them for a client, so they don't help my Challenge numbers.

Thursday, November 16 - this week so far I have prepped 10 commission minis through assembly and gluing to bases.  Tonight was something of an adventure, setting up a Dremel drill press for drilling partial slots into scenic resin bases.  It was a lot of work, but I think it beats clipping off the tab, then drilling and pinning one tiny foot - yeah, there is usually just one in contact with the base. 3 of those have some putty on the bases for better attachment and stability.  With luck, tomorrow evening will see the rest of the putty work done, then priming and painting can start Saturday.

Hopefully there will be more of an update and some photos Saturday!

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