Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween in the House

This week has been almost entirely about Halloween.  I stepped away from painting gaming miniatures and into costuming, makeup/FX, pumpkin carving, a little woodworking  and repainting a couple of decorations.  Plus, there was a full day spent traveling to a marching band competition, long days at the day job & commuting, and Halloween itself half-lost to lousy weather.  It was miserably cold, windy, rainy and even some wet snow mixed in.  We gave out less than half our usual Treats, but our daughter got through it with a friend and did pretty well, all things considered.

Still, it was a reasonably productive week.  I learned some new things, made a few plans for next year's display and tallied eight painted items.  While they are not exactly minis, they are small and took time to create and paint, so I count them toward my overall goals of painted projects, both in 6MMRPC and for the calendar year.

That brings my current total for 2014 to forty items, and thirty of those since September 1 for 6MMRPC.  That may not sound like a great many projects completed, and I know I have a loooong way to go, but it's still a small milestone to be celebrated.  "Yay!"  Why?  Forty equals my total for all of 2010, my best year since beginning to keep track in 2006.  (Worst year: 2011...three.)

I also learned during the Halloween rush that I do not have space at my workbench for all the projects in progress.  This morning I started splitting things off into different work areas.  Thanksgiving and Christmas projects are on a side table with craft paints, palettes and lighting, basically a second workbench.  Tabletop models - almost exclusively Sedition Wars, for the forseeable future - are going mobile, either to the living room so I can work while watching TV with family, or to Paint Club.  RPG & tabletop "character" models will remain on the workbench until completed or bumped by a competition project, whichever comes first.

Paint Club?  Yep, there's a card shop near where I work.  Mostly Magic & Yu-Gi-Oh, some sports cards & related stuff, but they also carry some board games and a few mini/board games.  The owner and staff seem really friendly & helpful, so with a little luck and some prep, we should have the basics started in just a few days.

Well, that's about all there is for today.



  1. Great to hear of the big uptick in productivity. The challenge was been a great push for me as well. The need to post something once a week is a bit of a fire under the bum to make sure you get *something* worked on in a given week.

  2. Thank you, and I agree re: motivation. I needed something to light a fire under me, and the challenge seems to have done that quite nicely.